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Character Name: Bro (Dirk) Strider
Age: 31
General Notes: Bro is always wearing his Kamina-esque shades and gloves. The rest of his outfit doesn't change much, either - a relatively tight-fitting white shirt, black pants, and black shoes. While his katana is usually hidden within his strife specibus, he can call it from there at a moment's notice; functionally, this means he can make his katana appear out of thin air at will.

Bro is super homosexual. No qualifiers. Just straight up gay. In various shades of denial about letting other people know it, though, on a sliding scale from 0 (alpha Dirk) to GAY JOKES ARE SO IRONIC (beta Dave).

Hugging? Sure, although he's not the type to initiate.
Kissing? If you're a guy, he's probably down. If you're a girl, he's probably not.
Flirting? Hell yes, with men and women.
Sexing? Only with guys. Also, expect some awkwardness. He's been out of the sex and dating game for awhile, doing the fraternal parenting thing.
Fighting? Please god yes.
Injuring? Sure, but Bro is a seriously good fighter. We'd definitely need to talk how they'd measure up.
To what extent can I harm your character? Anything short of permanent maiming/killing is fine, but please talk it over with me first!

Inherent content warnings: Internalized homophobia, graphic/sexual/politically incorrect language, violence, child abuse - Bro has been hiding his homosexuality behind a thick smokescreen of dudebro for a long time. Further, he's got a habit of deadpanning the most sexualized metaphors you've ever heard. Usually involving dicks. There's nothing Freudian about it shut up. And he loves to fight. It's usually just sparring, however. The child abuse both factors into how he raised Dave - though it was never intended to be abusive, it was pretty seriously unhealthy - and is occasionally implied in Bro's backstory that he Doesn't Talk About.
IC issues to avoid? Nothing specific!
Character-specific triggers/squicks? Bro didn't really have the best childhood. He doesn't like to talk about it and will pretty much cut off any inquiries in that direction. Possibly with his sword.
Are any character-specific triggers/squicks strictly off-limits? Nope! I just list them so people are aware they exist, whether to avoid them or to specifically aim for them.
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★Player Name: Callie
★Plurk: [ profile] lymmea
★Skype: fyreflyzblaze
★AIM: fyreflyzblaze
★Personal Journal: [personal profile] callie_chan


IC Inbox
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OOC Info
Player Name/Alias: Callie
Player Contact: FyreflyzBlaze on AIM/[ profile] lymmea

Character Stats
Name: Dirk Bro Strider
Canon: Homestuck
Canon Point: The end of Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 2, which is currently up to date with the comic. He's been dead and in dream bubbles (isolated ones, as guardians and ancestors don't appear to mingle with player dream bubbles) for the past three years.
Age: Never officially stated in canon, but likely early to mid thirties; I'm going to say 32 for convenience. (This doesn't count the years he was dead, since he won't have aged at all in that time.)
General Notes: Bro is always wearing his Kamina-esque shades and gloves. The rest of his outfit doesn't change much, either. Aside from that, nothing particularly noteworthy.

Anchor: His ability to rap. HE IS SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW.
House: Endesha
Room #: 102

Can I touch this character platonically? Yes!
Can I touch this character romantically/sexually? Yes! (I'd say that bad things would happen if you did it against his will, but honestly, good luck touching Bro at all when he doesn't want you to...once he gets his full speed back, anyway.)
Can I fight with/injure this character? Yes!
Can I kill this character? With prior discussion, yes!
Can I use psychic abilities/deduction to read your character's mind/intentions? Sure! Be aware, though, that if/when Bro regains his speed, he'll be fast enough that knowing he's about to do something may not actually be enough to stop him doing it.
Does this character have any IC issues you'd prefer not to address? Nothing, really!
Does this character come with any inherent content warnings? Nothing except possible fourth-walling, casual spoilers, and some pretty questionable puppet stuff.
Are there any topics or types of horror you, the player, find uncomfortable and wish to avoid? Eye injuries squick me pretty bad, but I can deal with just about any injuries (including those) if they're either off-screened or not described in loving, grisly detail.
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